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Chinese Cake Decorating

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Mrs. Chombee Takes the Plunge - The Herbaliser

I want to hunt down the 12” on ebay just for this track.

This girl has a lovely voice…

I'm not too sure that I can go much father
I'm really not sure things are even getting better
I'm so tired of the me that has to disagree
And so tired of the me that's in control

I woke up to see the sun shining all around
How could it shine down on me?
You'd think that it would notice
I can't take anymore
I had to ask myself
"What's it really for?"
ArtistYoko Kanno
Titlewhat's it for
AlbumGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. 2

Kid Koala Solid Steel Mix

This was released for free during Ninja Tune’s celebration leading up to the release of their 20th Anniversary boxed set (I can attest this is an awesome release to own as well). This mix is an amazing listen, just so happens to be host to a great deal of artists that I listen to already and it flows from tune to tune as magically as you would expect from Kid Koala. If you missed out on getting it during the window of time it was available let me know and we can figure something out.


Boards of Canada - “Everything You Do Is A Balloon”
Jay Jay Johanson - “I’m Older Now”
Isan - “Recently in the Sahara”
Bjork - “Amphibian”
Buckminster Fuzeboard - “Return of the Pretzel Stretch”
Autechre - “Krib”
Radiohead - “Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Air - “Le Voyage de Penelope”
Amon Tobin - “Natureland”
Bonobo - “Magic Man”
Land of the Loops - “Single Girl”
The Herbaliser - “Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge (PC Mix)”
Fembots - “John and Irene”
Funki Porcini - ‘“Purrrfect”
White Mud Freeway - “Man With Gun Man With None”
Henry Mancini - “Moon River”
Dan the Automator - “Lonely Man”

Gorgeous music and lovely bad, too bad they broke up. Emma was a great and humble person to have met.